Located next to Santo Cristo Church, Tablao Flamenco Marbella is one of the oldest and most authentic in Andalusia.

Inaugurated in 1962, was soon frequented by princesses and kings, people of nobility and artists of great international importance, Princess Margaret, Sidney Poitier, Anthony Perkins, Kennedy Family… In these more than 60 years of history have visited, and continue visiting us the celebrities of each moment, Eva Longoria, Antonio Banderas…

Flamenco Show
Everyday 18:00 19:30 21:00 22:15

Experience you live at Tablao Flamenco Marbella will immerse you in our pure Flamenco show, without microphones, an old recipe with two basic ingredients: soul and heart; living a flamenco of passion and truth, while you will taste our best Mediterranean typical food.

Flamenco desde el alma (Flamenco from the soul): Our philosophy is enjoying art directly, from the artists soul to the public heart, living visceral delivery of our flamenco staff, without script, without structural composition, guided by improvisation, emotion, feeling, and what is called “duende”, in the most intimate environment, one-to-one Flamenco.